December Giving Campaign

Would Your Heart Be Open to the Least of These?

  • A child that has been molested, brutally raped, lost her parents
  • A woman being physically and sexually abused
  • A child that has been brutally raped; lost her parents before age 10
  • A woman homeless in need of mental health treatment

🔹 Scared 🔹 Depressed 🔹 Suicidal

There’s a woman and a child that needs your help.
Please open your heart and wallet to donate to help them heal and recover.

2019 Highlights

Breakthru House served over 50 clients

Specialty Services
Equine Therapy
Trauma Yoga
Creative Movement

Health & Wellness Project
Eastlake YMCA
Wellness Coaching
Kaiser Health Insurance

40 Hours
of Services

Inclusive of
Relapsed Prevention

Individual/Group Therapies

Smoking Cessation
Smoke-Free Campus


Your donation will go to the purchase of another therapeutic residence
to meet the overwhelming need for housing and treatment
for women and their children.

Unfortunately, Georgia has seen its fair share of opioid overdoses.

According to the Substance Abuse Research Alliance, part of the Georgia Prevention Project, Georgia:

  • Ranks 11th with the most prescription opioid overdoses
  • Has more overdose rates in 29 counties than the rest of the United States
  • Saw 549 deaths in 2015 to opioid abuse although overdose deaths tripled from 1999 to 2013, prescription opioid deaths increased tenfold from 1999 to 2014 in Georgia.
  • Saw 1,307 deaths in 2015 related to drug overdoses

There’s No Donation Too Big or Too Small

This is Breakthru House’s 50th year of providing treatment and housing “at no charge,” to those with the co-occurring struggles of homelessness, trauma, addiction and mental illness.

There’s a woman and a child that needs your life saving help for housing and treatment. Please open your heart to being part of the solution to the national epidemic.

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